10 Bad Eating Habit Which Cause Skin Problems (Acnes)

Acne breakout is every person’s worst nightmare especially teenagers. The very last thing that you may want before a vacation or a weekend away with friends is a face full of acne. You should check your eating habit which cause skin problems (acnes) in the first place.

With that said, numerous research has been conducted to establish the causes of acne. The findings, however are still unclear.

There are no common foods, which have the same effect on every person since everyone reacts to a different type of foods differently.

Image: Acnes on the skin

Image: Acnes on the skin

10 Bad Eating Habit Which Cause Skin Problems (Acnes)

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the foods and diets, which can result in an acne breakout. Here are ten foods that trigger acne.

1. Chocolate

While chocolate many at times is often blamed for acne breakouts, many dermatologists, however, say that it does not necessarily lead to a breakout. Nonetheless, studies indicate that any diet that is high in sugar or fat may increase the production of sebum and also promote inflammatory responses, which eventually leads to acne. This, in turn, means that while the evidence is inconclusive, a diet that is high in sugars and fats, can cause acne breakouts.

2. Spicy Foods

Many people blame spice filled foods especially those with red chilies for acne breakouts. In the year, 2006, a Jordanian study, which was published by the Eastern Mediterranean Journal indicated that patients with acne linked their conditions with spicy foods. However, the evidence is still inconclusive because well-controlled studies still indicate that there are no direct links between spicy foods and acne breakouts. As a matter of fact, many doctors indicate that acne is directly linked to cosmetics and fluctuating hormones.

3. Cheese

Recent studies have found that there is a link between cheese and acne. Cheese or any food containing cheese can trigger the human body to produce the hormone insulin in large amounts, which in turn lead to a faster absorption of sugar. If each single day you will be pushing your blood sugar levels too high levels, then you will have a higher insulin circulation in your bloodstream. As a matter of fact, a study that was published in 2007, shows there is a direct link between acne and dairy products.

4. Nuts

Despite the fact that nuts are directly linked with acne, most studies still show that the link between acne and nuts is still unknown. A recent study, published by the American Medical Association established that nuts diet is not directly linked to acne. However, the study claimed that consumption of foods with high glycerin levels tend to contribute to breakout of acne. On the other hand, meals with low glycerin levels tend to promote a clean and healthy skin with very few breakout of acne.

5. Peanut Butter

Research as to what cause acne breakout is still inconclusive. However, it has been found out that by eliminating certain foods such as peanut butter from our diets can minimize acne breakout significantly. As a matter of fact, research conducted by a group of researchers from Melbourne University found out that most of the people they interviewed believed that there was a direct link between peanut butter and acne breakout.

6. Sushi

It is already established that foods that are high in glycerin contribute to the breakouts, frequency, and severity of acne. Consuming a lot of rice often leads to an increase in the insulin levels, which eventually contributes to acne breakouts. The glycemic index of sushi has been found to be extremely high.

7. Milk

Just like cheese, milk is also considered to be a source of acne. Thus, a majority of individuals who experience acne tend to eliminate milk from their day-to-day diet. Additionally, milk is known to be a high glycemic food, thus is a great example of what causes acne or may lead to acne.

8. Pizza

Acne sufferers have been nicknamed pizza face, which happens to be an extremely cruel nickname. Despite the fact that pizza is not directly related to acne, there is still evidence that acne may result from hormonal responses. Pimples normally occur when cells, debris, and oils block sebaceous glands, clogging the rather healthy and soft pores which in turn leads to inflammation.

9. French Fries

Foods that are high in fats such as French fries tend to lead to acne. However, pimples are not directly related to the foods that we eat. When French fries are consumed, they are normally broken down into nutrients and vitamins so that they can be easily absorbed into our bodies. However, these foods normally trigger a hormonal response, which will eventually lead to an acne outbreak.

10. Potato Chips

According to a recent study, various hormones together with certain foods which often leads to hormonal response may trigger breakouts. A great example is the androgen hormone which is normally present in both female and male teenagers often causes the enlargement of sebaceous glands, production of excessive oils, which eventually leads to the clogging of sebaceous glands. The use of oral contraceptives and other hormonal factors such as diet can worsen the situation leading to acne breakout.


While certain foods such as fats are great for maintaining a supple skin, they are not all equally created. To establish, which among these foods you react to, begin by eliminating the ones you believe are causing skin acne for almost a month.

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