3 Things You Can Add To Water To Speed Up Weight Loss Naturally

Everyone’s looking for a quick fix for weight loss nowadays. So much so that supplements and pills are flying off store shelves. Companies are making billions of dollars off of our wish for a leaner waist, and even trusted experts looked up to the by public are getting in on the business.

Back in 2013, America’s beloved Dr. Oz promoted garcinia cambogia as a “revolutionary fat buster” and everyone went crazy for it. As an expert trusted by the public, one would assume that he had his facts checked, but garcinia cambogia lacks research and trials that support this —  a fact that does not get missed by an experienced doctor.  

Weight Loss With Water Using Easily Available Things

Weight Loss With Water Using Easily Available Things

It’s absolutely possible that a supplement can pack health benefits whether or not scientists validate it, but it’s also possible that a supplement is yet another money-making product for supposed health and wellness companies. Or maybe it’s a way to kill a few minutes on The Oz Show. The real issue is that we’re looking for quick fixes instead of solving the real problem; and that’s health. But if you’re making healthy lifestyle changes, the natural remedies below can ease the transition and can even help maximize your efforts and results. And all they need is water…     

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is well known among vegans and paleo eaters as it’s a natural thickener and binder. Naturally, these traits make it promising with weight loss.  

Psyllium is a natural source of soluble fiber that acts as a bulk-forming laxative (it softens stools by soaking up water in the body). Because of these qualities, psyllium can help manage weight, cholesterol, and diabetes. Powdered psyllium can be added to food and desserts, and it can be stirred into water to drink before meals. It offers  feeling of fullness without any extra carbs, sugar, or calories, and it’s completely safe and natural.

You may actually have psyllium seed growing in your backyard as the edible weed plantain. But before you start harvesting your driveway for seeds, run usage by your doctor. Psyllium’s absorbency makes it like a sponge to the body, so you’ll want to follow a solid regimen that includes extra water.  

Cayenne Powder

Hot peppers are a fat-blasting addition to any meal. Thanks to a compound called capsaicin, spicy peppers like jalapenos, poblanos, and thai chile’s are able to vamp up metabolism. Cayenne has been the biggest pepper of study for health bene’s. Research shows that cayenne can decrease appetite and increase metabolism — like fellow spicy peppers — but it can also improve digestion, stimulate circulation, enhance detoxification, and balance out blood pressure. Trials studying cayenne’s effect on exercise showed that cayenne could raise fat oxidation by 42%.

If that’s not enticing, it’s an easy (and tasty) addition to your daily routine. It’s easily dashed onto food, and it can be made mobile by adding it to your water bottle. If you take a trip to a health food store, you could even make your own cayenne supplement with cayenne powder and empty pill capsules. Couple this with 2.5 hours of exercise and 500 less calories per day and the weight is sure to come off.  

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is popular for beauty with face masks, but it’s chemistry makes it an incredible tool in improving health. Bentonite has a negative charge that makes it irresistible to positively-charged toxins and heavy metals. The attraction of charges (aka adsorption) is especially powerful because of bentonite’s vast and porous surface area. Metals and toxins stick to bentonite, then they cling on until they’re pushed out and flushed down the toilet.

The absorbent nature of clay that makes it such a beloved beauty product also serves with weight loss by soaking up liquid and making the body feel full. On top of that, bentonite is loaded with minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, and iodine. So it promotes detoxification and weight loss with health bene’s to boot. A sip of clay may not intrigue the taste buds, but a tall glass of clay water appeals to all sorts of weight loss plans.

As with anything, consult with your health practitioner for expert insights and important considerations. With their go-ahead, you can whip up a detox drink by mixing 1tsp of bentonite clay in 1-2 cups of water. Sip this drink before dinner to help cut back your appetite, or drink it in the morning to keep sugary cravings at bay. And remember to up your water intake to counter bentonite’s absorbency.

Getting the perfect body doesn’t have a single simple solution, and that’s what makes weight loss such a struggle. The remedies above can definitely help to ease and speed up the process of losing weight, but they aren’t the answer to achieving and maintaining the ideal weight for your body-type. The reason diet fads come and go is because health doesn’t come from a temporary diet plan, but a healthy lifestyle.


Health and happiness is requires an integrative approach because everything is connected. Food has a direct impact on energy. The amount of sleep we get affects our mood and energy too. Even emotion management has a place in a healthy lifestyle because stress and anxiety can have us abandoning our routines and letting go of our desires.

Having good health requires us to take good care of ourselves. If we can start doing that, then the remedies above can give us a huge step in the right direction when it comes to loosing your weight in a simple way.