10 Big Healthy Reasons To Go Vegan and Not Repent

The age old debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians has now taken a backseat. Newer emerging diets like eggitarian, prescretarian and vegan claim to be more evolved than these in their overall benefits. While some rest their argument on moral grounds, others do it on overall health benefits. In this article let us check out the 10 reasons to go vegan and why it is important.

Of these diets, the vegan option more often than not gets a lot of attention because of its offering of health benefits and good karma.

reasons to go vegan

10 Big Reasons to go Vegan

So what exactly is a vegan diet? A vegan diet involves restricting your food to only those that originate from a plant source.

Vegans do not directly consume any animals in the form of meat or any animal by products like milk, eggs or honey.

The 10 Big Reasons to go Vegan

While each diet has its share of merits and de-merits, you can consider going vegan for these 10 reasons

  1. You can be vegan and still do grilled cheese: One of the biggest concerns of those on the fence of becoming vegan is missing out on their favourite pizza or pasta. Did you know that vegan chefs have dominated the ‘Cup cake wars’ for two years in a row. The trick is to know what exactly you are looking to replace. If you looking to replace the moisture from the muffin recipe, try applesauce. If you are looking to fluff your pancakes without milk and eggs, try seltzer. It’s more science and less taste than you think
  2. You don’t have to suddenly ‘be’ a vegan, you can become one: Most people who turned vegan will tell you that it takes months and sometimes a couple of years to ease into being one. It’ll take time for you to discover your likes and choose it even when your previous lifestyle is in a plate right next to you. So give yourself some time and patience to adjust into it.
  3. Veganism is a lifestyle, not a fad diet: Being a vegan will most likely keep you 10-20 pounds lesser than your meat eating counterparts. But that doesn’t mean that you turn vegan to lose weight. Weight loss and a healthy one at it, will gradually happen but your body will adjust to the new style and more of less settle down in a good place.
  4. You can get your nutrition by being vegan: Animal meat and protein does more harm than good. By choosing plant protein you can choose the healthy way to shed excess pounds. There are plenty of websites out there that give you the full range of recipes /diet plans with soy milk to lentils to wholesome vegetables in order to maintain a healthy body weight
  5. Vegan can make a healthier you: As you choose this lifestyle, you’ll concentrate more on what you are eating and when you are eating. In addition to this, most vegans love to give preference to overall fitness and a wholesome healthy life. Overall, vegans have reduced risk to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure than meat eaters.
  6. Do it for the karma: You going vegan is good for the world in more ways than one. By simply being vegan, you save more than 100 animals a year. That’s 100 precious lives! Eventually it is your contribution to reduce their suffering.
  7. Know the popular people in your new community: While it may be all new to you, do know that veganism was practiced in ancient India and Greece. Even if you don’t find people in your immediate family or friend circle opting for the meal plan, there are scores of people around the world who are just like you.
  8. It is trendy to be vegan: In fact, you’ll even see celebrities going for a part time or full time vegan diet. Beyonce and Jay-Z are currently on a part time vegan diet. From Ellen DeGeneres to Miley Cyrus, the whole gamut out there believes in not contributing to any cruelty in the world. Some like Woody Harrleson have been vegan for over a decade. Take your love for them to help you in your transformation
  9. You can cook one dish wonders: Instead of doing five different dishes for dinner with the carb on the side and the curry for the palate, you can cook up big salads, stir-fries, pastas, smoothies and still be full. It saves on time and effort and makes a healthy, delicious option to choose. What’s not to like!
  10. Do it for the animals: In the words of actor Casey Affeleck, “Animals that are bred for meat are kept in unhealthy and filthy condition all their lives. They are a product of a violent and inhuman industry. The chickens, pigs and cows and even their young spend their lives in a cramped conditions, only to die a prolonged, painful death. Their bodies are then turned into food products proven to contribute to heart disease and cancer. To eat that – is to literally eat poison.”

To most people, going vegan is a life changing decision. People who’ve been there, done that will tell you that you are most likely to be the butt of family jokes and many people may not fully understand your choice. But once you do, you are going to thank yourself for sure.